How to Land on the Instagram Explore Page? [Expert Tips]



Everybody loves Instagram, right? Like, who doesn’t spend time scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram? Everyone does! Even you might be sharing photos or Reels with your friends. The Instagram Explore page is not just an amusing way to discover new content. Getting a chance to feature on the Explore page is such a huge win for many Instagrammers. How do you land your content on the Explore page? Well, you have to create high-quality content and include suitable hashtags. 

Using ProHashtag, you can create captivating hashtags and post them in captions. When your hashtags are relevant to your content, they can feature on the Explore page. Another important thing is to enhance your engagement rates, so they appear on the Explore page. Wondering how to do that? Start reading and find the best tips from Instagram experts. Let’s go!

What Is the “Explore Page” on Instagram?

Explore page is an excellent tab on the Instagram app. This special tab can curate content that is particularly tailored to your interests. The Explore page will not show the same type of content. You can view videos, photos, Stories, and Reels on the Explore page. 

So, how does it work?

First things first, The app’s algorithm plays a massive role in filling your Explore page with your preferred content. The Instagram algorithm will closely watch your interest and curate similar posts. And what are the benefits of getting on the Explore page on Instagram? Continue reading to know that. 

Benefits of Getting on the Explore Page on Instagram

Here are the four major benefits of getting on the Explore page on Instagram. Read it slowly and steadily. 

  1. Increased Visibility – Let us start with the most evident advantage. When you feature your content on the Explore page, you will reach enormous fame on Instagram. There is no doubt that your profile gets more visibility. Even you have a chance to get new followers for your profile. 
  2. More Followers – As already stated, more than 50% of Instagrammers use the Explore page. So, there is an excellent opportunity to gain new followers. Also, your content will be shown to the users of your same niche. The chances are higher to grow your follower base on Instagram. 
  3. High Engagement Rates – This is the essential benefit of the Explore page. The most necessary metric to land your content on the Explore page is only with high engagement rates. Additionally, with high engagement rates, you can dramatically increase the chance of getting more likes, comments, and shares. 
  4. Boosted Sales – The ultimate step is converting the visibility of your Explore page into sales. You can use this platform to get your brand name to stand out from the crowd and reach more audiences. Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity to boost your sales on Instagram. 

How to Land on the Instagram Explore Page? [Expert Tips]

The plot twist is that the Instagram algorithm is not a single algorithm. The truth is that the app combines multiple algorithms to work together. However, the primary goal is to push your content to the Explore page on Instagram. Here are the surefire tips to achieve that. 

Tip #1: Post Information

The first thing you must notice is your post information. Even the algorithm looks the same. The algorithm will generally check how popular your post is and how people are interacting with it. So, you must use the right number of hashtags in your captions. Try the free instagram hashtag generator to get your customized hashtags on Instagram. 

Tip #2: Relationship Between You and Your Followers

The second main thing is to build a strong relationship with your followers. Try to engage with users in the same niche as yours. Well, you can reply to their comments and like their posts. These are some of the best ways to increase the chance of featuring on the Explore page. 

Tip #3: Check User’s Activity

The huge idea behind the success of the Explore page is the user’s activity on Instagram. If a user likes certain content, the algorithm will serve the same. So, it would be better to check the user’s activity; you can land your content on the Explore page. Interact with your followers and find their interest. 

Tip #4: Check Creator’s Activity

You have to post content consistently to feature on the Explore page. Always incorporate optimal hashtags in your captions. So, try the best instagram hashtag generator to generate the relevant hashtags on Instagram. Furthermore, ensure you post at the right time to garner more audience attention. 

Wrapping Up

Getting featured on the Explore page on Instagram is not a big deal. Now, with these excellent tips, you can surely attain that. When you have better engagement rates, the chances are higher to land on the Explore page. Try these tips and share your experience with your fellow readers in the comments section.

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