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4 Ways to Style Human Hair Wigs



human hair wigs

Human hair wigs have become increasingly popular for individuals seeking to change their hairstyle or cover up hair loss. Not only do these wigs provide a natural and realistic look, but they also offer a versatility that allows for various styling options. Whether you want a sleek and straight look or prefer voluminous curls, here are four ways to style your human hair wig to achieve the desired effect.

Straight and Sleek:

Styling your human hair wig into a straight and sleek look is ideal for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Start by washing and conditioning the wig using products specifically designed for human hair wigs. Once dry, you can straighten the hair strands with a flat iron. Apply a heat protectant fine spray before using any hot tools to minimize damage. Carefully comb through the wig using a fine-tooth comb to ensure a sleek and smooth finish.

Voluminous Curls:

If you desire a dramatic and glamorous look, styling your human hair wig into voluminous curls can instantly transform your appearance. After washing and conditioning the wig, apply a curl-enhancing product to enhance the curl pattern. Using a curling wand/hot rollers, wrap into small fine sections of hair around the barrel, holding for a few secs before releasing. Repeat this process until the entire wig is curled. Once cooled, gently separate the curls with your fingers/a wide-tooth comb to create a complete and voluminous effect.

Half-Up, Half-Down:

For a trendy look, styling your human hair wig into a half-up, half-down hairstyle offers a balance between elegance and casualness. Start by parting the wig according to your desired style, whether it be a center or side part. Then, gather the top half of the wig and secure it into a ponytail or bun, leaving the remaining hair loose. You can add texture & volume to the loose hair by fine curling it with a curling iron or scrunching it with a texturizing spray.

Braided Updo:

For a more intricate and bohemian look, styling your human hair wigs into a braided updo is an excellent choice. Begin by washing and conditioning the wig, then part it according to your desired style. Separate a small section of hair at the crown of the head and create a French braid, securing it with a fine small hair elastic. Next, gather all the remaining hair and twist it into a bun/chignon, securing it with bobby pins. You can gently pull on the braided section to add extra flair to create a fuller and looser braid.

In conclusion, human hair wigs offer countless styling options, allowing you to try an experiment with different looks and transform your appearance effortlessly. From sleek and straight to voluminous curls, half-up and half-down styles, and braided updos, you can achieve any desired look with these versatile wigs. Incorporate the appropriate hair care products and styling tools to maintain the quality of your wig and ensure long-lasting style. With these four styling options, you can confidently rock your human hair wig with style and flair.

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